We’re excited to welcome Artemis Equestrian to the gang!

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Categories: Blog

As we look forward to the arrival of spring, we’re delighted to share some very exciting news with you all! At the start of the new year, our director Jo Forrester was delighted to finalise the purchase of the online equestrian boutique Artemis Equestrian. Artemis is the home of high-quality horse and rider clothing, tack, bits and grooming tools from leading European brands. The products include innovative Fager bits and Sedelogic saddle pads, high-tech and stylish horse and rider clothing from brands such as Stierna and Hirzl and so much more. It’s a fantastic one-stop-shop for riders looking for products which are made to last and do the job they should. The brand has been developed with four key pillars in mind – quality, function, performance and sustainability – which make it the perfect fit for Jo and the rest of her brands.

Artemis joins our stable (yes, the pun is intended!) of companies which also includes EquiAmi, the brand behind the popular and patented lunge aid and ourselves, Elevator Equestrian. Jo took the reins (another pun, sorry) here at Elevator in 2018 after the founder Lorraine retired, and then purchased EquiAmi in 2019. Jo developed a keen interest in the impact of tack and the rider on horse movement and comfort during her university studies, and that has carried through to her passions and work now. The EquiAmi is a totally unique lunge aid which uses a self-centering ‘loop’ to encourage the horse to engage its topline and hindquarters without using pressure or forcing the horse into accepting contact. This unique and forgiving design makes it perfect for any horse or pony, from those being rehabilitated or retained to competition horses, riding horses and even youngsters being broken in.

Of course, here at Elevator, horse comfort is also at the heart of everything we do. The brand was founded to share the very first comfort bridle with the world, and our Elevator Performance Bridle is still based on that very same design. Jo is always innovating and designing new Elevator products which all place horse comfort first. Her amazing work ethic and keen attention to detail has seen both Elevator and EquiAmi thrive even in the face of the pandemic and its impact on face to face selling at events. 

Artemis Equestrian is the perfect choice for Jo as we begin to plan for (fingers firmly crossed) a spring and summer with life almost back to normal. Boosting sustainability and minimising the impact of her businesses on the environment is very important to Jo. She introduced recycled packaging in place of plastic at EquiAmi. Everything sold in the Artemis online store is hand-selected for its quality and sustainability. We hope that means it will last for years and continues Jo’s aim to help us all be kinder to the environment as we enjoy time with our horses.

Take a closer look at Artemis Equestrian and browse the fabulous collections of clothing, tack, grooming kit and more! https://www.artemisequestrian.com

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