The very final stages of developing new Elevator products…

Posted on November 1, 2020 by Categories: Blog

So here we are once again, back in lockdown and with the majority of equestrian sport on hold for the next few weeks at least. It’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t been a vintage year for fans and competitors of grassroots equine sports but we have everything crossed that spring will herald a slow return to some normality. We hope our followers and customers have managed to find plenty to do and are still able to ride and see their horses, even if there aren’t any horsey parties to go to.

So, what have we been up to? Well, just like in the first lockdown, here at Elevator we haven’t been resting on our laurels. We continue to dispatch orders via the website and answer customer questions on social media, email and on the telephone. We’ve also been putting the very last few finishing touches to our new products before we unveil them to the world. We’re so excited to have new bridles and a breastplate in development… and they’re nearly ready! Just a little bit more testing to go.

All Elevator products are rigorously tested on a range of different horses before we put them on sale, to ensure they will fit all manner of equines. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products offer exceptional comfort for horses so that means we go out of our way to find horses and ponies with awkward or slightly odd-sized heads! They get to try out everything so that we know there isn’t going to be a rogue buckle in a strange place when our happy customer fits it to their beloved horse.

Our brilliant testing team also goes out and about with firm orders to try the products in all kinds of different situations. We want our products to be tested on the horse who pulls like a train with excitement when their hooves touch grass or the horse who snatches at the bit and jig-jogs on the road home. Elevator prototype products have also been around cross-country courses, showjumping courses and dressage tests this summer and autumn (until our fun was cancelled again). They get tested in the wind, rain and mud and the hottest summer days. If we only ever tested Elevator products on well-behaved horses on a gentle hack on a calm autumn day, how does that really count as testing?! We want naughty, strong, funny-shaped and more!

It won’t be long at all until we can share our new bridles and breastplates with you, so make sure you keep a beady eye on our social media for news. Comfort comes first here at Elevator Equestrian, so you know we’ll bring something amazing to the table!

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