A sensitive chestnut mare, a lot of patience and a great innovation

Posted on February 1, 2020 by Categories: Blog

It’s so exciting to be penning our very first blog and to mark the occasion, we thought we would take you back to where it all started – why and how Elevator Equestrian was founded. The very best inventions are born out of a desire to solve a problem – seeing a person or an animal struggling can lend us the creativity to do something amazing. Elevator Equestrian’s revolutionary products were borne out of a desire to ensure that horses are able to perform at all levels free from discomfort. And it all started with a sensitive chestnut mare who was herself called… Elevator.

Elevator was a dressage horse owned by qualified saddle fitter and keen equestrian Lorraine Green, and together the duo were progressing through the ranks of affiliated competitions when Elevator exhibited signs of discomfort. After being examined, poked, prodded and tested by a procession of vets, dentists, chiropractors and coaches, no one could find anything physically wrong with the mare. Thankfully, Elevator was loved and valued so much that Lorraine refused to give up. Her quest led her to eliminate different items of tack; and it was when riding in only a padded headcollar instead of a bridle that Elevator relaxed, and the penny dropped.

This, along with Olympic dressage rider Kyra Kyrkland’s famous comment that “a horse can feel a fly, so why do we need so much kit to control him?”, encouraged Lorraine to research the sensitive area behind a horse’s ears. Her conclusion – the poll is super-sensitive and too much pressure was causing Elevator pain and preventing her working well. She began to develop a special bridle designed to alleviate pressure on the poll. It was crafted from the softest, most supple English leather– this was the very first Elevator Performance Bridle.

Today Elevator Equestrian is run by Jo Forrester, a passionate equestrian looking out for the best interests of the horses that bring her so much joy. Jo was the perfect person to continue developing Elevator bridles thanks to a keen interest in improving horse performance without compromising on their comfort and wellbeing. She even studied horse movement and how tack can impinge or support their way of going during her University days.

Under Jo’s stewardship Elevator Equestrian still crafts bridles true to that very first design, now in a range of styles and nosebands, as well as soft leather girths, headcollars and reins. Everything is carefully hand crafted in Walsall from the highest-quality leather before being sent out to customers across the UK and around the world. Support from prominent riders including 2019 Burghley winner (and bona fide eventing legend!) Pippa Funnell is testament to how far a little inspiration to help one sensitive chestnut mare can take a brand. Explore Elevator Equestrian’s innovative bridles here: https://www.elevatorequestrian.co.uk/products.html

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